Why Zoom! Whitening?

Zoom! Advanced Whitening utilizes a carefully controlled procedure in which a gel, the active ingredient being hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth and exposed to light emitted from a special light source.

This process takes approximately one hour, during which the gums and other tissues of the mouth are completely covered and protected, and can result in whitening of up to 8-shades lighter.

Zoom! Advanced Whitening allows for the safe, controlled, relatively pain-free use of a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel, which yields results that are visible immediately.

Because the Zoom! Advanced Whitening system works so quickly and effectively, we would recommend it for clients who are looking to whiten their teeth for an over-all more confident smile and are committed to following through with good oral care after the procedure, to gain longer-lasting results.

Without going into the myriad details regarding all the alternative products and whitening solutions on the market, we can tell you the benefits of choosing a Dental professional for your whitening needs:

Your Safety First: Because we have medical training, and take a thorough history before performing any treatment, we are in a position to recommend the safest and most suitable treatment for your needs. We have also researched all the products in advance and rely upon the reputation and success of the Zoom! Advanced system.

Better Results for you: For optimal results, the health of your gums must first be evaluated and basic gum health must be carried out. We perform whitening as part of the management of your dental treatment plan, therefore you will achieve the best results possible, in terms of the number of shades whiter that your teeth can become.

Our Good Advice Means Longer Lasting Results: We always follow up after a whitening procedure, to ensure that you know how to get the most out of your treatment, and achieve the best results.

It is important to note that Zoom treatment is contraindicated for some patients, therefore it is important for this procedure to only be used by a Dentist professional, who has a thorough understanding of your medical history.

The Naked Truth (About Zoom!)

New clinical studies prove the lamp works:

1. Loma Linda University, CA 2007

"Effect of Light Treatment on in vitro Tooth Bleaching Efficacy"

Clinical test results presented at the IADR by Dr Yiming Li concluded that, "under conditions of the study, Zoom! light exposure significantly enhances the efficacy of Zoom! gel in reducing the b* and increasing the E*."

• 48% whiter immediately, than with gel alone

2. University of Texas, Dental Branch at Houston 2008

"Clinical Evaluation of a Chairside Whitening Lamp and Bleaching Efficacy"

Clinical study presented at the AADR by Dr Joe Ontiveros concluded that treatment with the Zoom! Lamp showed significantly higher whitening color changes 7 days after the procedure when compared to treatment without the light using both a spectrophotometer (Vita® Easyshade) and visual findings (Vita Bleached Guide 3D-Master®).

• 35% whiter after 1 week, than with gel alone

3. The Dental Advisor 2007

"Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside Whitening System Effect of Zoom! Advanced Power Lamp on Whitening"

The report concluded that, "Whitening with use of the high-output, sodium-free, short-arc bulb lamp resulted in a greater shade change compared to whitening without the lamp immediately after treatment, after 7-10 days, and after 30 days. Results immediately after whitening and at 30 days with the use of the high-output, sodium free, short-arc bulb lamp showed that maxillary teeth on average were 1.9 shades lighter and mandibular teeth were 0.7 shades lighter as compared to whitening without the lamp."

• 44% whiter after 30 days, than with gel alone

Studies available at discusdental.com

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